Geocaching in Riverside on Wednesday 3rd October 2018 at 5.30pm

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Details of our latest Cardiff Civic Society event. A fabulous, fun and quirky way to find out more hidden gems about the city you know and love. On this ‘treasure hunt’ we will explore Riverside, finding out interesting stories, juicy facts, and hidden aspects of the area – all led by our local geocache expert […]

Liveable Cities Debate with Sir Simon Jenkins – 23 November 2018

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Poor planning decisions, a huge rise in population, congestion and pollution – can Cardiff remain a liveable city? Currently, one of Cardiff’s key attributes is the fact that it is a liveable city, with wonderful green spaces, a compact centre and a sense of community thanks to its relatively small population. But is all that […]

Cardiff Civic Society response to Statutory Pre-application Consultation on Cardiff University’s Student Accommodation proposals, Talybont, Cardiff

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We are concerned about the height and appearance of the buildings bearing in mind that their proposed location is close to Grade 2 listed parkland and the Taff Corridor – which has great significance for wildlife.  *The area is home to great numbers of bats including Soprano Pipistrelle, Daubenton’s bat and Brown Long-Eared bats.  Bats […]

What next for the Metro after 2023?

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The following has been sent to Ken Skates AM, Cabinet Secretary for Economy and Transport, on 13 August 2018, and copied to leading AMs. The reply can be read at the end. CARDIFF CIVIC SOCIETY ANALYSES THE NEEDS OF THE CITY AND THE REGION                   – MUCH MORE IS NEEDED TO DELIVER THE CAPITAL AMBITION! […]