Cardiff Civic Society events planner

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Cardiff Civic Society would like to programme in a series of interesting events for 2017/18. A dedicated ‘events planner’ is needed to make this happen.  If anyone would be happy to organise a maximum of six events every year, the Society would be delighted. We had in mind social events such as a skittles night, as […]

Canopy crisis facing Cardiff

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Canopy crisis facing Cardiff Keith Sacre, international tree expert and chair of the Arboricultural Association, says that Cardiff will face a canopy crisis unless more young trees are planted as a matter of urgency. Addressing Cardiff Civic Society’s Canopi Caerdydd/Canopy Cardiff launch at The Gate Arts Centre, he said that there was little evidence of […]

Cardiff Tops in Age Segregation

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Cardiff tops in age segregation. The housing crisis has created a ‘geographical wedge’ driving generations apart in towns and cities, according to research. The number of neighbourhoods in which half the population is over 50 has risen sevenfold since 1991, from 65 to 485 in 2014, 60 per cent of which are in rural areas, […]

How long will Cardiff be without a bus station?

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How long will Cardiff be without a bus station? Cardiff Civic Society has been actively involved in the discussions about infrastructure development over many years. We are convinced that the lack of progress on several fronts is seriously handicapping the city in supporting the ambitious growth plans outlined  recently at the Policy Forum for Wales […]