CCS Objection to Strategic Site D in the LDP north of Junction 33 on the M4 “Gwernybwlau”

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Site D is one of the “Strategic Sites” in the Local Development Plan (see) and an application has already been received to develop it. The Civic Society has objected on two principle grounds.

  1. The application is premature – not just because it takes the outcome of the current LDP process for granted, but more importantly, because it is being submitted in the absence of any information on the Metro rapid transport system on which the proposed development fundamentally depends. This issue of timing is all the more significant because the Metro report is imminent, we understand it will be in the public domain in July.
  2. The application may also prejudice future development in that it is being submitted in isolation – without knowledge of and co-ordination with, the adjacent strategic site E. The development of an independent village in this way will not only constrain the development of site E but will necessarily generate a range of local retail, services and businesses that will impact negatively on existing ones in Creigiau. This is exactly the sort of thing that generates antipathy towards new development.

Map of Alternative sites Cardiff LDP

Here is the full letter (needs Adobe PDF to read) :14/00852/DCO Development of Strategic Site D in the LDP north of Junction 33 on the M4 “Gwernybwlau”

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