Cardiff Tops in Age Segregation

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Cardiff tops in age segregation.

The housing crisis has created a ‘geographical wedge’ driving generations apart in towns and cities, according to research.

The number of neighbourhoods in which half the population is over 50 has risen sevenfold since 1991, from 65 to 485 in 2014, 60 per cent of which are in rural areas, according to the Intergenerational Foundation.

Since 1991, rural areas have aged almost twice as fast as urban areas, with young people moving to towns and cities.
The foundation warns these trends impose a range of costs on society, with young and old sharing less experience, making it harder for each group to look after the other and reduced opportunities to find work.

“It weakens the bonds between the generations and leads to a lack of understanding of, and empathy for, other generations,” says foundation co-founder Angus Hanton.
Cardiff is the most age-segregated city in England and Wales, with similar divides reported in Brighton, Leeds, Nottingham, Sheffield and Southampton.

Generations Apart? The Growth Of Age Segregation In England And Wales is available here.