City of Shadows

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Letter from Cardiff Civic Society Chair published in the South Wales Echo on Saturday January 7

Dear letters,

Thank you for David James’ excellent piece in today’s Echo – We’re building a new Cardiff, but could we do it better?

Without a doubt it could be better than it is, but as those who hold the reins in the city are in thrall to a 1980s vision of glass and concrete, nobody appears to be listening to alternative views.

Cardiff Civic Society and other interested parties made some 1,500 recommendations to the Local Development Plan, (LDP), many aimed at softening the impact of development, and incorporating green space and open space in the proposals.  Sadly, these recommendations were ignored.

Despite overwhelming evidence that green space contributes hugely to the health and well-being of the population, this is the area of the city that is most neglected.

Despite all the knowledge at our fingertips, the Victorians were the last to recognise the value of public open space, and its largely thanks to 19th century benefactors that we have open spaces to enjoy now.

Dolffin Quay in Cardiff Bay is yet another development that will erode the character of our city, hemming us in as it overwhelms the open space described in James’ comment piece. 

But in a city where the council and its planners pay greater heed to developers than to the needs of its citizens, where will it end?

Nerys Lloyd-Pierce

Chair, Cardiff Civic Society