Protect Penhill Rise – letter sent to Cardiff Planning Dept.

14 November 2017

Dear Sir/Madam,

Cardiff Civic Society has noted the sale by auction of Penhill Rise on Penhill Road.

This is a landmark building on a prominent site in the local area.  In response to representations by the local community,  Cardiff Civic Society would like to urge Cardiff Council to preserve this interesting building, and the mature trees that provide a huge local amenity, as well as absorbing pollution form the busy road.

Penhill Rise deserves to be sympathetically restored, and its tree-lined landscape to remain,  as both elements add immeasurably to the character of the region.  The property is adjacent to the Grade 11 listed park, Llandaff Fields, and any intrusive development would impact unfavourably on this well-loved green space.  Furthermore, it is clear that any major development work on this site would inevitably cause traffic chaos and present a serious danger to pedestrians.

There is a precedent for preserving landmark buildings of character and history in the area.  For example, the Vicarage development on Severn Road, which was preserved thanks to the effort of the local community, and is now a hugely desirable residential property.

Cardiff has lost too many characterful, historic buildings for the city to be able to afford to lose any more.

Yours faithfully,

Nerys Lloyd-Pierce,

Chair, Cardiff Civic Society