Objection to Bradley Court – 17 story student block

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Please can we ask as many people to write in to object to this development as soon as possible – the case will be heard on March 15.


28 February 2018

Dear Sir/Madam,

Acolaid Case 17/01417/MJR – AMENDED PLANS / AMENDED DAS

Objection to the above planning application, and amendments.

Despite certain amendments to the plans, our objections still hold fast

The amendments still do not address our previous concerns and criticisms noted in August 2017. Fundamentally, a building of this height and mass should not be permitted on such a sensitive site, this is a totally inappropriate proposal which will harm the setting of ‘the finest civic centre in the British Isles’, (Glamorgan, BoW by Newman)

Other interested parties objecting to the proposals have reminded the Planning Department of its statutory duty to have special regard to preserving listed buildings and their settings, plus their duty to preserve or enhance the character and appearance of Conservation Areas. Cardiff Council’s own LDP policies, KP17 and EN9, support these protections.

The City’s own Tall Buildings SPG requires that proposals for tall buildings need to demonstrate an exceptional standard of design and that there should be no negative impacts on important views and vistas. This proposal does not fulfil these design requirements and, the developer’s analysis highlights the harm that will occur in 12 out of the 14 viewpoints.

The Tall Buildings SPG also indicates that this area of Cardiff is not considered suitable for tall buildings. Apart from the church steeples and the ‘obese bulk’ of Capital Tower (see Vining’s objection August 2017) there are no other buildings anywhere near this height in this part of Cardiff. To justify permission by citing the planning disaster that is Capital Tower is truly cynical and retrograde.

The height and massing will have a very damaging impact on three Conservation Areas and all the listed buildings and their settings within, whilst the choice of materials do not address the context of rich Victorian and Edwardian materials in the immediate and wider locality, thus not ‘knitting well’ with the existing fabric of the City, as required by the SPG.

Further, is there really proven need for this type and amount of student housing which will no doubt, given the prime location, be too expensive for most students?

This proposal is located on such a sensitive site and so near the nationally significant Cathays Park that it should be ‘called in’ to be determined by Welsh Government.

Yours faithfully,

Nerys Lloyd-Pierce

Dr Elaine Davey

Cardiff Civic Society