Cardiff Civic Society response to Statutory Pre-application Consultation on Cardiff University’s Student Accommodation proposals, Talybont, Cardiff

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We are concerned about the height and appearance of the buildings bearing in mind that their proposed location is close to Grade 2 listed parkland and the Taff Corridor – which has great significance for wildlife.

 *The area is home to great numbers of bats including Soprano Pipistrelle, Daubenton’s bat and Brown Long-Eared bats.  Bats are protected by law, and are also highly sensitive to lighting, therefore all exterior lighting in the development should be bat-friendly. Measures also need to be taken to prevent interior lighting causing disruption from uncurtained windows.

 *Given the location, the buildings should include swift bricks to help provide homes for this endangered species – which frequents the parkland/Taff corridor area. Artificial nests for swallows/house martins and bat boxes would help these species too.

 *Other biodiversity measures that would help create a wildlife corridor would be the creation of a thick, thorny hedge to provide nesting areas for species such as blackbird and robin, plus the creation of a pond, which would be helpful for a great number of species.

 *Areas of long grass would be useful for pollinators, which are also threatened.

 *Green walls and roofs would help mitigate the appearance of the structures, as well as helping to improve air quality in the area.

 *We welcome the no-car policy, but more bike parking needs to be provided – at present only one space per two students is provided.

 Yours sincerely,

Nerys Lloyd-Pierce

Chair, Cardiff Civic Society