An open letter to Councillor Wild re. Sophia Gardens.

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As no reply to Cardiff Civic Society’s questions have been forthcoming, we would like to raise these points in a public forum.

We have been made aware that new plans exist for parts of the cycle superhighway in Sophia Gardens.

As these have not been subject to consultation, these proposals should be shared with residents and park users.

In particular, clarification is needed on how cyclists will access the new cycle routes from Cathedral Road via Sophia Close to the new cycleway running southwards past the bus station, and to the new route to the river Taf pathway, in order to access the Millennium bridge.

Again, I have to highlight how deeply distressed park users are about the huge amount of tarmac that is now destroying green space in Sophia Gardens.

Sophia Gardens is a Registered Grade II Park,  as the first public park in Cardiff and one of the earliest in Wales, created by the Marquis of Bute, and opened in 1858. Tragically, the original pleasure gardens are unrecognisable, as successive councils have treated them with utter disregard.

I would also like to call into question Cardiff Cycle City’s contribution as an impartial contributor to the earlier consultation process on the cycleway, given that Councillor Wild is a founding member of this organisation.

Finally, information on how the council intends to compensate Cardiff residents for this loss of green space would be most welcome.  Restitution of parkland is urgently needed.

Nerys Lloyd-Pierce

Chair,  Cardiff Civic Society