1. Executive Summary The Cardiff Local Development Plan proposes extensive development on Greenfield sites north-west of the city in the form of massive suburban extensions. There is an indication that a rapid transport route may be provided in the future. In response to those proposals, Cardiff Civic Society has proposed that development be integrated with the rapid transport route to form a linear new town, to be delivered by a development agency, company or partnership specifically set up for that purpose. The new town would take the form of a series of distinct neighbourhoods arranged along the rapid transport route with high density development centred around the stations and large public open spaces strategically located between the new neighbourhoods and between them and existing communities, to form a 21st Century ‘Garden City’ . 2. Background 2a. Cardiff Civic Society Cardiff Civic Society (CCS) was founded in 1964. It is a voluntary organisation affiliated to the Civic Trust for Wales. It has been closely involved in commenting constructively on Cardiff’s Local Development Plan (LDP ) at all of its stages. Cardiff Civic Society is no ‘NIMBY’ organisation. Far from it, the Society wants to see Cardiff grow in a sustainable way into a modern European city but it is objecting to the deposit LDP, because we believe it should be phased so that development is integrated with investment in public transport infrastructure rather than preceding it. As a body the CCS is concerned with the quality of life for the citizens of Cardiff – i.e. the quality of the built environment and its open spaces, and, the ability of its citizens to enjoy the City, to feel safe, and to have a reasonable prospect of finding suitable housing and employment. The new town we propose north-west of Cardiff could make a major contribution to achieving these goals. CCS has recently held discussions with the North-West Group – an alliance of local community councils and residents organisations opposed to the strategic development sites proposed north west of Cardiff in the LDP. The group has expressed support for CCS’s vision for the development of the area and this holds out the unusual prospect of a new town proposal being supported by local residents.