The ten-year plan for Cardiff

Cardiff Council’s ten-year plan for the city – the Replacement Local Development Plan (RLDP) – will shape the city we love irrevocably. We are also at the tipping point for issues such as the Climate Emergency and the Biodiversity Crisis. NOW is the time to act if we, the citizens, are to have a say […]

An open letter to Councillor Wild re. Sophia Gardens.

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As no reply to Cardiff Civic Society’s questions have been forthcoming, we would like to raise these points in a public forum. We have been made aware that new plans exist for parts of the cycle superhighway in Sophia Gardens. As these have not been subject to consultation, these proposals should be shared with residents […]

Pressure groups join forces to Reclaim Cardiff

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Pressure groups join forces to demand greater public inclusion in council decision-making In the wake of catastrophic decisions relating to green space, ​community institutions and historic buildings, Reclaim Cardiff, Cardiff Civic Society and Save the Northern Meadows have joined forces to demand that Cardiff Council listen to the voice of the people. A symbolic walk by […]